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The dream:

It has all starte when my grandmother Giannina gifted me with a little work bench when I was a child.

I immediately set it on my desk and since I have always been fascinated by fair and artistic objects I started dreaming of designing jewelry.

The beginning:

Thanks to a long training path through an appreticenship first and as a production manager then,

I acquired a great knoledge about the gold craft.  

As a result of that, Maxioro was set up in 1997.

A business couple:

Since the beginning Giovanna has alway been by my side.  

She take care of all the administrative tasks in Maioro and always partecipate in making decision about the company.


First collections:

From the outset the purpose of Maxioro has been to design unique and peculiar jewels for men, therefore we developed our first product lines with a distinctive features in order to stand out in the goldsmith’s market.


My marked passion had led me to push myself in designing always more exceptional jewels and skillfully handcrafted objets in keeping with the Italian goldsmith’s tradition, that is why Maxioro is capable of export to overseas countries.


Thanks to the exports our business has started to grow rapidly and got to become a prominent company.

The new project:

The crisis connected to the Covid-19 pandemic has been an inspiring period, regardless.    

We haad enough time to free our artistic mind and create the new Zulian collection designed for women.


Maxioro Jewellery for Man